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Dentures for Dentists

Easy As 1, 2, 3

Dentists can get digital dentures for their patients in only 3 visits. The best dentures available– more accurate, efficient, & last longer!
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  • • Stop multiple appointments
  • • Fit perfectly
  • • Save time

Reduce your chair time & increase your profits with Digital Dentures.

Better Strength & Comfort

With higher durability, it responds instantly to body temperatures and BECOMES STRONGER! Made with computer controlled resin, 3D Digital Denture is toughter than acrylic, plus they fit better.

Get satisfied customers and see more patients.

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Visit 1

& Bite Registrations

Visit 2

Try In
and Adjustments

Visit 3

Denture Delivery

Benefits Of Digital Dentures

  • • Reduce the number of patient visits by 50%
  • • Faster lab design time
  • • Reduce chair time
  • • Digital backups
  • • Perfect fit

You deliver the desired results in fewer appointments with precise impressions. And our Boise denture lab keeps a digital record on file for faster, future needs.

Plus, digital dentures don’t need a post palatal seal like acrylic dentures. 

Happier Patients, Increased Profits

New Smile dental lab offers wholesale Digital Dentures for dental professionals at affordable prices. We use the latest 3D printing technology making you high-quality, durable dentures.

It’s time to increase productivity and patient satisfaction.

3d printed lucitone dentures
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inside a denture lab idaho
inside a denture lab idaho
inside a denture lab idaho