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Finally Affordable Night Guards in Boise

Do you know teeth grinding or clenching can damage your teeth & cause pain to your jaw joints? It can now be avoided, thanks to advanced technology! 

You’ve found the best night guards available — easily cleaned, more flexible, & durable!

No one in the Treasure Valley has our state-of-the-art 3D printer– delivering faster AND stronger night-guards than New Smile! – plus at a low price!

Stop Teeth Grinding & Clenching 

Custom night guards help relieve discomfort from grinding & clenching AND create healthy sleep patterns.

• They fit into your mouth perfectly to align the jaw & relax the muscles.

And you get a stress-free, good nights sleep as you preserve your teeth enamel from the stress and anxiety of the day.

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Benefits of Digital Night Guards

  • •  Abrasion resistance & fracture resistance
  • •  Reduces headaches & snoring 
  • •  Easy to clean & maintain
  • •  Flexible, tough & clear
  • •  Less tension & pain
  • •  FDA 510k Cleared 
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Easy Solution for Bruxism & TMJ

New Smile denture clinic offers strong yet flexible (not brittle) night guards — without costing you an arm & a leg! 

With the latest 3D printing technology, we get you more precise & smooth finished splints for bruxism or TMJ jaw pain.

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We build custom dentures that are high quality and low priced, all while treating you like family.

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  • No Adjustment Fees...Ever!
  • Worry Free Financing
  • 3D Digital Dentures
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