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Night Guards for Dentists

Computer Precision & Professional Quality

Dentists can get 3D Printed Night Guards at a low wholesale cost. The best custom made night guards available — clear, strong & precise.
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  • • Reduce multiple appointments
  • • Increased customer satisfaction 
  • • Fit perfectly

No more boil and bite hassles

Tough & Comfortable

Manufactured with the first biocompatible 510k-cleared printable resin — it’s durable enough to withstand the forces of bruxism. Using 3D Printing technology, it’s more flexible, clearer & tougher than traditional acrylics & thermoform materials.

Maximize your income & see more patients.

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Night Guard Delivery

Benefits of 3D Print Night Guards

  • • Tremendous Abrasion & Fracture Resistance
  • • Easily Cleaned & Maintained by End User
  • • Flexible for Patient Comfort 
  • • Digital Backups

You not only meet patients’ expectations but also your business needs with increased profits & reduced chair time. Plus our Boise dental lab keeps a digital backup on file for faster, future needs. 

Our night guards are resistant to fracture, staining, & abrasion.  

Satisfied Patients, More Profits

New Smile Dental Lab offers ultramodern Night Guards for dental professionals at affordable prices. We use advanced 3D printing technology making you high-quality, durable night guards. 

The future of dentistry is now! 

3d printed keysplint nightguard
Special Offer for Local Dentists!
inside a denture lab idaho
inside a denture lab idaho
inside a denture lab idaho