Dentures Custom Handmade Boise for men

Handmade Dentures For The Perfect Fit

Nothing will make your mouth stop hurting and start smiling with a custom- hand made denture.

Made with acrylic by craftsmen because they just fit better. Been doing it this way since 1958.

Choose from economy Dentures to Premium , high quality dentures are stain resistant and allow for further customization if you desire.

Custom Dentures That Cost Less

Our dentures are finished with a permanent acrylic base once you've approved every aspect of its design, look, and feel. Get the natural smile you deserve to meet your needs and budget.

We use three and four-layered, high-density teeth and a leading acrylic gum base for a natural appearance, high level of durability, and stunning visual appeal.

Our denture teeth are first set in wax so you can make any changes or necessary adjustments!

The quality is amazing for the price. We also build partial dentures.

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We build custom dentures that are high quality and low priced, all while treating you like family.

  • Medicaid & Insurance Accepted
  • No Adjustment Fees...Ever!
  • Worry Free Financing
  • 3D Digital Dentures
  • Open Saturdays

Get The Smile You Always Wanted

Contact us for a No-Cost evaluation and personalized consultation. We will spend 60 minutes with you reviewing all your new smile options!

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Call Now For A Free Consultation! 208-454-0311