Denture in a day

We have been reluctant to jump on board this new industry train because we have seen competitors and other Same Day Dentures, cut corners or use inferior methods.

Now we have the right manufacturing techniques and steps in place for dentures in a day.

A denture made in a day should have the same process and techniques as one made in a longer period of time. The importance of not cutting corners insures the patient great results that they can be proud of for many years.

After much planning and relentless hard work we’ve come up with a system that allow us to build a beautiful denture without cutting necessary steps and still finish it in as little as 24 hours!

Our process allows us to use the same high impact/high strength acrylic we use on all of our dentures. The patient still chooses the teeth and color of their choice. We still have time to set the false teeth in wax so the patient gets to see what they look like before we transform them into their final dentures. The process stays the same and so does the quality!

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