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Our history serving Boise goes back to 1958, we have written testimonies and reviews from 100's of Treasure Valley customers! We go above and beyond for our patients treating them like family.

"WOW, what a joy these new dentures are. Amazing job and wonderful fit after just a few adjustments. John was right on top of things and got me right in for adjustments, no waiting. So wonderful to be able to bite and chew again, I can even enjoy corn on the cob again. And Susan, the receptionist, was always pleasant and welcomes you with a smile. Great job and service from all. Thank you."

Robert Addison
Bill Edmonds

"Bruce has his dimples back with his smile and looks younger. He is very happy with his dentures. The entire office staff was warm and very supportive in their professionalism. Their uplifting smiles and kindness's were at every step in the process. I am Bruce's sister and plan to use them when I need a New Smile."

Clinic Default
Shannon Getz

"I was extremely happy with my new dentures from New Smile. Josh used great care in making sure the fit was perfect. The staff have customer service to an A+++ rating as far as I am concerned. John deserves much credit in making me feel at ease with the entire process from start to finish."

Dorothy Photo
Dorothy Sackett

"Was awesome experience, from the first appointment to the last, Josh and John are both friendly and personable, they set you right at ease and are very knowledgeable about any questions you may have about anything, I definitely recommend them either for your first time, or if you are looking for another provider. Great experience!"

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Ken Eubanks

"After losing 275 pounds I needed new teeth to restore my smile. Josh and John are artists! I was looking for dentures in Nampa, so glad I found them."

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Dorothy Beaury
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