What is Denturist

What do denturists do? 

A denturist's role is dedicated to solely providing removable full and partial dentures to their patients. We differ from a lab technician because a denturist can have a practice that sees their own patients.

We do not need a referral from a dentist to treat a patient in need of dentures or partials. Our well round knowledge of removable prosthesis (dentures) sets us apart from a general dentist because we spend all of our time only manufacturing and adjusting dentures.

This gives our expert denturists more experience allowing us to adjust dentures more easily as well as manufacture them more successfully.

We hand craft each denture in our dental lab in Caldwell where as a general dentist likely sends them out to a dental lab. This makes a huge difference in the overall success of a denture case. There is no denying that a general dentist has vastly more knowledge pertaining to total oral health and natural restorations but a denturist generally has more knowledge about false teeth.

Denturist vs Dentist

So what is the difference between a dentist and denturist? A dentist is a medical doctor specialized in the field of teeth. If you need teeth removed or extractions, they can do it. And while they may provide dentures, they are not 100% focused on false teeth.

Usually you find denturists work in cooperation with a DMD. 

Denturists usually charge way less for all denture services then your local dentist. So next time you or your friend are struggling with making a decision to choose a denturist or a dentist, I hope this article will help.

Make the right choice and see a denturist today. Oh, yeah and hopefully that means you choose us.

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